The Jigsaw CABAS School


The Jigsaw CABAS School is an independent day school for pupils between the ages of 4-19 who

have an autism spectrum disorder. The school caters for up to 60 pupils at any one time, and is

proud to have a 1:1 staff to pupil ratio. This allows each student to receive a bespoke curriculum and

be a part of a comprehensive outreach programme which is delivered by a highly qualified specialist

team of teachers.

The school is supported by ‘The Jigsaw Trust’ - a UK registered charity, who’s aim is to improve the

lives of those affected by autism by providing high quality, accessible educational and wellbeing


How did Global 4 help?

Jigsaw had an urgent request for a brand new 75 handset telephony system to be installed at the

premises in a very quick turnaround time after a power cut caused the old system to break down,

and due to its age, it was irreparable.

Jigsaw’s telephony network is a key element in the day-to-day running of the school, the phones are

used consistently throughout the day for not only external contact, but as an integral

communication platform between classrooms and staff too.

After giving Jigsaw a full telecoms health check, Global 4 organised and deployed a future proof

integrated telephony system with 75 handsets and setup in just 4 working days.

Here is what Jason; the school’s Network specialist had to say:

Even though we couldn’t give Global 4 the full go ahead due to funding and sign off, they put all the

paper work in place and the order on hold. It was not until 48 hours later on the Wednesday that they

got the go ahead from us and by lunchtime Thursday we were back up and running!

A team of Global 4 staff were busy installing the handsets and the patching cables in the Jigsaw

communication rooms, because of who we are and what we do a large number of our phones have to

be wall mounted, we had our own maintenance staff on standby for this, although they were not

needed. Global 4 not only patched the phones in, they also wall mounted them, set up all the auto

attend, call forwarding and voice mail. Global 4 went beyond anything we could ever ask for.

Since the install our ongoing support has been amazing, there was an update needed for the system

and Global 4 even sent some out just to double check the update was in full working order. If we ever

need something changing, we have the solution in place no later than 12 hours after reporting it! I

would recommend them 100% to any school or business looking to update their systems not only do

you get a fair price but you also get amazing support from day one, once again I would like to thank

Global 4 for all their help, and Carl Barnett for all his support

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