Park Garage Group

With nearly 80 petrol retail outlets around the country and spiralling telephony costs, Global 4 were invited to review Park Garage Group’s telecoms expenditure.

As a new industry sector, Global 4 found this an interesting project to manage. Extensive reviews led to the installation of nearly 40 NEC small Telephone Systems, the management of all of their lines and calls and achieving the end goal of reducing costs.

This then led to a review of the data infrastructure that included the downloading of data from all sites as and when transactions took place. Global 4 were instrumental in the rollout of new computer systems and broadband services to revolutionise the way and speed with which data was processed.

Other petrol retails benefiting from Global 4 include Euro Garages, Hammond Group, Jonathan James, Manor Service Stations, MPK Garages as well as many other independent retailers.

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