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By: BritWeb

Published: 27th Feb 2018

Booker Group is the UK’s leading food wholesaler. The Group now comprises Booker Wholesale, Makro, Booker Direct, Classic Drinks, Ritter Courivaud, Chef Direct, Premier, Family Shopper, Budgens, Londis and Booker India. Together they are privileged to serve 1.2 million customers. In the year to March 2017, sales totalling £3.01 billion were collected by the customer from the group’s branches and sales totalling £2.32 billion were delivered to the Company’s customer premises.

Global 4 has for some time been a major supplier to the food industry either through symbol groups or direct to the end user. Booker ethos is to allow individual retailers to take advantage of group purchasing and support contracts. Global 4 have worked with the Londis and Budgens brands for many years, including through the petrol forecourt sector that has boomed over recent years. Now part of the Booker group, this creates a massive opportunity to offer our services to support the largest supplier to the industry in the UK.

Group pricing, transparent contracts and complete after sales support are now available to include telephone lines, calls and broadband service even including a Hosted Telephony solution for multiple sites to reduce cost and utilise resources as and when they are available throughout their business.

Nigel Barnett MD Global 4 comments, "After working with Londis & Budgens for nearly ten years to secure this arrangement we believe that all their customers will benefit greatly on prices and our complete knowledge of the industry enabling us to advise on the latest technology and how it will have an impact on their business efficiency in the future."


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