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By: Nigel Barnett

Published: 27th Feb 2014

Since launching our new broadband support in January 2014, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the way we tackle technical issues with our 20,000 valued customers.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do and the nature and reliance on our services mean technical issues must be handled in next to no time at all. This year we invested in our support services and have since taken our technical support to a whole new level. Thanks to our new remote support we can troubleshoot, configure and resolve broadband issues over the internet in seconds. This level of service is truly market leading, giving us a unique competitive advantage and our customers even more reason to join.

Since installing our new remote technical support we have seen dramatic improvements on the service desk. Now a huge 90% of technical issues are being resolved in just one phone call. Remote support means we can quickly identify faults and reduce unnecessary call-time for all our customers.

How it works…

If you have an issue with your broadband connection, simply give us a call on our dedicated UK customer service helpline, any time of day, any day of the year. At the other end of the phone one of our fully trained support team members will listen to your problem and then immediately begin work to resolve the issue – via remote access. Within minutes of putting the phone down, our remote support engineer will have identified the issue at your location. If you’ve ever used the support of other service providers, you’ll appreciate what a time-save this can be! Quick identification of a fault means we can just as quickly resolve the issue. Altogether delivering a fast and painless resolution to your broadband query.

What you said

Our customers have been absolutely amazed by the unprecedented level of technical support we can now offer, resolving issues in no time at all, with a minimum of effort…

“I had trouble configuring my broadband. I wasn’t entirely sure what the issue was, but I gave Global 4 a call. Within a few seconds I was put through to a member of their support team – a refreshing change to most large companies! After a short discussion about my issue, the support team were quick to offer a resolution. Within 10 minutes of hanging up the phone, my services were back up and running. I couldn’t be happier with Global 4 and their unrivalled customer support.”

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