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By: BritWeb

Published: 20th Aug 2018

Over the last few months Global 4 has been rewarded for its investment into the dental industry with another 50 practices going on-line with their latest hosted telephony solution.

Everyone is well versed in the expansion of the services this industry now offers. Whereas Global 4 reviewed the platform behind offering these services and the extra strain it has put on the infrastructure. 

Very quickly it became apparent that telephony costs and solution were very rarely discussed as it was fixed cost that all business had to have. With the introduction over the years of fax’s, internet, alarms, PDQ’s, POS and CCTV extra lines were simply added. practices make very few calls, however, receive lots all at the same time of the day causing frustration to their clients.

Technology has moved a long way and dental industry is now taking advantage big time. In just a few months has seen circa 50 practices install the Global 4 solution of a single telephone line a top-quality broadband and a hosted service that offers to receive more calls at the same time, directs callers to the right department and automatically answer simple question, example “opening hours?”. All calls can be recorded and simple management information available at any time. In most case for less they were currently spending.

Just some of the brands joining the Global 4 revolution recently: -

Simply Smile

Dental Design Studio

Dental Design Lounge

Dentistry For You

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