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By: BritWeb

Published: 21st Dec 2018

Here is a recent review posted on TrustPilot on 18th December 2018 on Home Telecom, one of our residential broadband brands that we operate.

As a new customer for a lesser known telecoms provider, I was not too happy with my connection speed - Hoping to get some traction with my complaint, I cockily emailed the MD, showing how i sourced his contact information and telling him a regulatory complaint would be the minimum inconvenience. My best expectation was that he would pass it to a senior techie/ customer service agent. When I got the email which said 'I take your challenge very seriously - even though I am away on holiday' I was fairly impressed. I responded to show him how to conceal his contact information and he declined on the basis that he would rather be on top of feedback and keep his company on its toes.Within a week it was established it was an issue with the Line Provider, even still, I had an engineer out in less than a week, top level service and the MD followed it up by calling me directly from his holiday destination AND then I was sent an email to say they were applying a goodwill offer to my account. Jack, Tina and Nigel have operated in a stunning fashion, Far beyond any reasonable expectations and i cannot praise them enough. It would be incredibly unfair of me not to go out of my way to leave a stunning review for them. Top notch, cannot fault, nothing has been too much trouble.


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