By: Global 4

Published: 22nd Dec 2020

Ten months of rapid growth by introducing 8x8 hosted.

Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together? Global 4, a leading telephony supplier in the UK over the last twenty-three years, carried out research into the hosted marketplace arena. This ranged from new entrants to major global players. Based on the experience of 9,000 hosted seats and 45,000 traditional telephony users, the research proved interesting reading.

With your day-to-day running of a business, there is not much change, either way, most companies use under 30% of the features of any type of system. Hosted telephony achieves much of the same functionality as a traditional phone system, however often in a slightly different way that takes some getting used to. Where we found 8x8 to be a game-changer is that their interface and operation tools are very similar to that of Microsoft’s products, and in relation to video conferencing, they openly integrate with Teams alongside offering their own solution built-in within their softphone client.

Overall, the hosted environment is winning over the “box on the wall” technology, with the preferred method of a simple subscription model opposed to large capital outlay and it offers far greater flexibility, too.

The hosted vendor marketplace consists of three key player stereotypes. The first option is for newly developed, unproven concepts, the second option is for new concepts built on old platform technology, then you have the third option, which is the companies who have invested millions across the world and are in a completely different class.

The challenge surrounding the first two options is that they achieve their harmony by linking up to other vendors that specialise in their own distinctive field, which results in having multiple login credentials and platforms to view your statistics, listen to your calls, supervise your team and communicate via video.

The first question always asked is do you have many clients that use this service already in this industry? Well everyone has clients of different sizes but very few clients with over 10,000 users. These clients make more use of their system and are best placed to comment on its usability and reliability.

Taking everything into account and that the fact that a single client has over 120,000 extensions across the world working for the last two years made the decision for us very easy. So, we entered a contract with 8x8 in late 2019 and have never looked back.  Then, to surprise everyone the pricing appears to fare even better than our competitors.

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